Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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3-28-12 tardy brain
It's pretty sad that I've been too busy to even get a GUEST blog posted today on time, sorry Ann. ~Judy

Getting’ Out of the Funk
Message to Peas (aka Judy), makes me sad when you’re in a funk. If there’s a lot to do, why not hire a neighbor kid or a handyman to get the outdoor work done so you can enjoy your time in Beaverdale? Before you say “I can’t afford it” you know you can. Think about it cause the Peace Sisters are selfish and we want you in Beaverdale.

Me, well I’m too busy with work, yard stuff and thinking about Dad to stay in a funk. My good friend Joan said “what will you do with yourself when work gets back to normal? Maybe go on VACATION!
March has come to an end, daffodils are almost done blooming, my phlox are ready to bloom and I see tulips blooming everywhere. I wonder what’s going to happen in Pella with the Tulip Festival set for May 3rd.

I closed out March by attending the NCAA Women’s Regional’s at Wells Fargo on Saturday and Monday. I went with a heavy heart, blue hair on Saturday and something green on Monday. I was very lucky to see Coach Pat Summit and the Lady Vols win on Saturday (played Kansas) and then Baylor over GA Tech. Here’s a pic of Coach Summit. She was on the floor the entire two games, however, her assistant did most of the “floor coaching”.

And when you talk about Baylor, not only an undefeated season, but Brittney Griner is “da-bomb”. She’s 6’9” tall, lanky, she can dribble, shoot, block and yes she can DUNK the ball. What a show she put on Saturday. Can’t say enough about the double header and we had great seats (bought on Craigslist).

Then on Monday, headed over to the arena for the 6 pm tipoff, Tennessee vs Baylor. The game was exciting, a lot of up and down, back and forth, a lot of block shots by Britney Griner and let me tell you, both teams had short guards (5’3”) but they were great, a lot of hustle. At about the 2 minute marker, there was a little “in your face” tugging and then two players come off the Baylor bench (Griner). Well I guess that’s a no no in basketball, so all four Baylor players were ejected. It didn’t matter, Baylor was up by 20.

Bonus of the tournament, the cheer team and the band were absolutely wonderful. You know how much I love a marching band and I left with this in my head “good old rocky top, rocky top Tennessee”.

What a great way to spend my time, get out of my funk and as they say, press on!

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

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