Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Report

3-5-12 summarizing brain
I tried to set up a fun weekend for Greg and I as we celebrated his birthday.
Friday night was a wonderful dinner out at the Flying Mango. Saturday morning we had breakfast at Chefs and met a Mini Cooper friend there, Roger. Greg and Roger where busy discussing the National Mini Cooper cross-country drive (New York to California) and the route goes through Des Moines on July 9th. The Mini Cooper Club in Iowa is brainstorming ideas to entertain hundreds of Mini's who will be spending that night in Des Moines.

While they were still discussing, I left to go hang my Peace Art down at my neighbor's coffee shop in the East Village- call "The Village Bean". This is a very cool place, and my Peace Art looked great on the walls- but hard to photograph well.

I'm very excited to have my art get new exposure in this part of the city.

Saturday night was dinner with friends Ann and Roy, and we went to a concert down at the Hoyt Sherman Theater- the band was Tower of Power, a group popular in the 70's..... they have a great horn section. The concert was awesome and the band, even though they have been together for 43 years, never sounded better! We were dancing in our seats.

Sunday, was pretty much a usual day with early church, and brunch over at Chefs before Greg headed back to KC. I spent some time in my art room in the afternoon, and did some reading while laying on the living room couch.... unfortunately, I turned on the TV and came upon a Monkees' marathon.... and watch way too many episodes.

Ann- aka: "that girl" stopped by, for a visit, since she had been downtown in her office working Sunday afternoon. I fed her left over beef stew chili and made a fresh loaf of cornbread. Then after a few more Monkee's episodes..... I headed for a hot bath and bed.

That's life in Iowa in early March..... Sunday we had light snow in the air, but nothing was sticking to the ground. This week we are expecting 50's to 60's!

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