Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm a believer and a daydream believer too!

3-1-12 remembering brain

Yesterday afternoon I took time off work for our tax appointment....  and I was out early, so I was checking Facebook and I discovered my friend had posted that Davy Jones of the Monkees had died at age 66.
I was sad to hear that since I was a HUGE Monkee's fan back in the late 60's.... and as most girls I knew- we LOVED Davy the best.

I had every album of the Monkees, and in fact, I decorated my room with posters of the Monkee's from the teen magazines (Tiger Beat, SPEC and 16) I would read. I knew I still had some saved in the basement, and I went looking in an old box.

Please ignore my hair, which has been in pig-tails this week. I need a hair cut for sure.

Now you have to admit Davy Jones was every so CUTE!

I'm so glad Davy didn't died today..... today is Greg's Birthday and I wouldn't want that memory to be mixed with the happy day of Greg's Birthday.

Here was the first Birthday I spend with Greg in 1991. Greg is ever so CUTE too! Greg is my own personal "Davy Jones"......  "I'm a believer"

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