Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday's report

3-19-12 lazy brain
I'm back to DM now after spending my week in KC. I had a very productive week at work while in KC.... but  I also felt in a way like I was on spring break in Florida. The weather was so warm, 80's most days and we had the winds opened day and night.

I'm aware that DM also had unseasonably warm temperatures too and when I arrived home Sunday afternoon my daffodils looked wonderful. However, the tress here in DM where not as far along as the trees in KC.

I have a lot I could write about my week in KC, but I'm feeling pretty lazy as far as blogging goes. Sorry.

Here are some pictures taken on Saturday when Molly and I went walking for 1.5 hours at the Overland Park Arboretum.

Also to keep everyone up to speed- I can't remember if I made it clear: the kitten I was babysitting, then fostered, now Greg and I have adopted her into our family. This week she goes to the Vet for "the works". Cleopatra is good at traveling in the car so far. We'll see if it continues after the trip to the Vet.

Tonight is the opening show for Dancing with the Stars this season, so the viewing party is at my house tonight. Plus we will be celebrating Sue's birthday. 

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