Monday, June 18, 2012

This and That Weekend

6-18-12 reporting brain

Greg was in DM this weekend and one of our priorities was checking out the Dale Valley Vineyard (DVV), which is located west of Des Moines near Stuart.... So I believe it was about 40 minutes away.

This winery is owned by a couple who Greg knew the guy- Ed, through Greg's job at the Federal Building. They had seen my interview on TV and contacted Greg.

So message to Peace Sisters- and any other girlfriends reading this:
Girls Weekend on July 14th will be moved to the DVV...... $10 admission will get us into the (basically) MUSIC Festival they call "Winestock: Peace Love and Wine"...... I think we should dress hippy "60's"......  We can take in a picnic, but no extra beverages. If the weather is decent, I will set up a small booth to show off/ sell  my Peace Art.

This winery is located in a very pretty rural setting with the grapes growing up on the hillside and a great view of a lush valley. An old school house was moved to the location and serves as their shop and this is surrounded by decks and tents. Let's hope it is not 90+ degrees with wind.... like it was last weekend and is suppose to be today!  If so, we'll change our plans.

We got some much needed rain over the weekend, coming mostly Friday evening. This allowed me the perfect opportunity to do some weeding of the front garden Saturday morning.... but only for about 80 minutes. I've come to know that the days of all-day gardening are up. My body just can't take it.... so the rest of the backyard will just have to wait. My lilies usually are blooming in July, and they are now soon passing. There won't be much left to bloom this summer/fall. It has really been a weird season.

Sunday afternoon after Greg left, I worked on framing these 4 Peace Art which I sold to a gal who is a therapist/councilor and setting up her own  new office in Johnston. She saw my art at the Acupuncture clinic months ago, and took my business card..... and now the timing was right for her to buy some for her new adventure..... SO HAPPY to report that peace is slowly spreading in Iowa!

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