Friday, June 29, 2012

Another GUEST BLOG from Ann

6-29-12 vacation brain- for real
I'll probably take next week off from blogging..... will be relaxing with the family, boy I sure want to try rafting like Ann! ~Judy

Summer Road-Trippin’ – Part Four

Day Eight: A short drive, 100 miles, South to Yellowstone National Park. We have 24 hours in Yellowstone, how am I going to see everything? I studied the map of Yellowstone and with the help of Steve from Bozeman, I drew up a plan to do as little backtracking as possible. Yellowstone is HUGE!

The drive along the highway to the North entrance was extremely breathtaking with hills and valleys. I was waiting to see a fly fisherman or two, but I don’t recall seeing any. Darn it! 

Along the way, we spotted a raft floating down the Yellowstone River and I said, man, I would love to do that but I’m sure it’s at least 80 bucks. 

As we drove into Gardiner (North Entrance) I walked into Yellowstone Rafting Company and I inquired about the cost. Full day for $90 and ½ day for $40. Okay, that alone sold me. Now remember, this island girl does not swim nor go into deep water, but the chance to raft down the Yellowstone is once in a lifetime. We signed up for the 11 am ride, 2 hours, rafting 8 miles. Oh my gosh is an understatement. 

Okay, our crew was slim, five of us and one was an 80 y/o grandma, and that’s how I got the front spot. Here we go, all suited up and ready to raft. We drove about 2 miles up river then walked the raft 25 feet, down a hill (okay, grandma got a break). Dang, that was a steep hill. Our guide, Corey, gave us instructions on how to sit, handle the oar, what to do if we fall off, and I had to ask “what if the raft flips”?
Here we go, and what a ride it was. The eight miles went fast and we had at least a dozen rapids. Did I get wet? You betcha!

Overall, the $40 dollars turned into $75, shoes and CD pictures, and it was well worth it. A great memory for sure and what a way to start 24 hours in Yellowstone. I highly recommend a trip down the Yellowstone.

Day 8 continues with five hours of daylight in Yellowstone. Oh My!  Gotta Run.
Chat Later, 
That Girl
Ann Marie

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