Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Report

6-12-12 summer brain
I'm up early this morning listening to the birds sing. First the robins, then the cardinals, then the wren.... so I have a few extra minutes to finish my blog about the weekend.

Friday afternoon I took an hour early off work so I could ride with my KC neighbors up to the opening reception in St Joseph at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art.  This was my first time in the old river town of St Joe. I believe I had a great aunt and uncle on my Dad's side of the family who lived in St Joe.

My KC neighbors, Wil and Susan are quite the dynamo couple- don't let their size fool you.... they are so full of energy and life. You can't get a picture of Susan without her laughing or talking. Wil and Susan are artists and spend half their time in a home in Belize. (they own two Mini Coopers too!)  I enjoy hanging out with them and learning more about the "real" art world out there.

Here they are with their friend Jane who had the opening to her art exhibit. Bold colors and large sized paintings!

Greg then met up with us for dinner at Weston Mo, a small  historic town on our way back to KC.  A very fun evening for me.

Saturday we had a lazy- relaxed morning, then we went down to the Plaza area of KC. First we watched Molly play in a tennis tournament for awhile. It was pretty hot out, so we found some shade. Then we went over to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum to see a display about the World Fairs, which was interesting. Gee, I just realized this was an "art weekend" rather than a "car show" weekend..... however Saturday night we did go out to the T-bones baseball game with the Mini Cooper KC Club and Sunday Greg did attend a car event without me. 

My new sunglasses... with bifocals..... way too much money for these! But know I can read my iPhone without changing glasses. 

Molly is dressed in white. They lost, but didn't feel too bad about it for their first doubles tournament. Molly is really getting into tennis and plays 3 to 5 times per week! 

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