Monday, June 4, 2012

Choosing Less?

6-4-12 happy brain
I had a nice weekend in KC with Greg. We didn't have too much on our schedule, so I was able to relax and veg out a bit. Off and on Greg and I were discussing my eventual move to KC once I retire.... probably a few years out yet. I had always said I wanted to add on an upstairs bedroom IF we were to stay in this KC ranch house. This weekend we played around drawing up some plans..... but we couldn't quite figure out where to but the stairs to go up to a 2nd floor.

Then we both came to the same conclusion. We shouldn't bother to spend our money on upgrading this house. We can live here perfectly find together, with a few improvements- like new windows. This is the time of our life where we don't need to be "expanding" and collecting more stuff.... but we need to be living more simply. Who wants to be house rich and cash poor?

So I've taken a big step to come to except this KC house, and I believe I can slowly start to make it my own. In fact I was inspired on Sunday to rearrange our bedroom, and in the process dusted everything thoroughly and washed the curtains. This was after I went for an hour walk. Sunday was a perfect day out- being overcast and kind of "dreamy out", with mild temperatures.

We got to see Molly briefly on Saturday, and then Greg and I attended the Prairie Village Art Show. Someday I think I could see myself selling at this show, but still I have much to learn about the business of art. I did get two ART SURPRISES over the last few days. Thursday, a guy Greg use to have work connections with in Des Moines, who now owns a Vineyard in a small town west of Des Moines is interested in my Peace Art. He wants me to have a display and he is willing to sell my art. Also Friday, I got an email from a gal who saw my art at the Acupuncture Clinic and wants to commission several peace pieces for her new office which will be opening in July.  Boy! I'm going to be busy, so I will savor my relaxed upcoming week in KC and just focus on my day job.

I didn't bring my paints down to KC with me this time, but Saturday afternoon, I was working on cutting some pixels to start a new pixel artwork.... but this might have to be put on hold for a few weeks while I concentrate back on framing some more peace art.

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  1. Cool developments with your art! Enjoy that journey and don't get stressed out by it...let it be your stress-reliever!