Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Report: the heat is on

7-25-12 over-heating brain

It's a hot one again in both DM and KC, but in spite of that, I agreed on Sunday morning to attend a car show with Greg. I've been declining several car shows the last few months- so I thought it was time to say "yes"...... plus this particular car show is always so awesome, and it spoils me from wanting to go to any other car shows.

This is the KC Art of the Car Concours held as a fund raiser for the Art Institute. This all happens on the beautiful campus of the Art Institute not far from our old KC apartment on the Plaza- so of course I love to go visit that part of town. Here is Greg. We went at 10 am and stayed until about 12:30.... it was only 90 degrees then and I spent as much time in the shade as I could.

The people had to vote for "best in show"..... boy that was just impossible. Here are some of my favorites.

This Talbot Lago, which I had never heard of- Greg said it was a French car I think. The variety of cars was incredible.

 I liked the blue of this and the wheels. This is one I most wanted to ride in!

This color also caught my eye on this one.

Of course I can't tell you the exact make and model.... but like these for various reasons such as shape and color. They are works of art- that is for sure.

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