Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Report: Hot!

7-2-12 hot brain

I'm so sick of the heat..... I'm trying to remember back what the cold of winter feels like.... but right now the cold sounds very appealing, even though I know I whined about that weather too.

I'm back in Iowa now after being in KC for last week. It's hot in both places, but I think Iowa is more humid since Des Moines got an inch of needed rain on Friday. KC is so dry!

When I arrived back in DM, I saw the plants in my garden continued to grow, along with the weeds.
Here are the corn and sunflowers which the squirrels planted for me from what I was feeding them last winter.

Greg left Thursday on his cross country Mini Cooper adventure..... so I am now in charge of taking care of the cats- otherwise I would have been in Iowa sooner. Ann agreed to come visit me in KC this weekend to keep me company.

We had dinner on Friday with Molly, and then Saturday morning, Ann took me out to several garage sales and a few estate sales.  We spend a few dollars here and there and had fun seeing what treasures we could find.

Here I found- well Ann pointed it out, otherwise I would have missed it.... this welcome sign. Yes! I can use a welcome sign many times..... from welcoming my nephew's girlfriend to Iowa in a few days, and welcoming our Hungarian church friends come August.

Saturday afternoon, to get out of the heat we went to a movie, "Rock of Ages"..... we had seen the Broadway show and like it.... but we have mixed emotions about the movies. Ann was grossed out by Tom Cruse's character, even though it was rates PG 13.... it got a bit too graphic for her.

Ann will post Wednesday, but then I'm off the rest of the week on a computer vacation!

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