Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's News

7-23-12 reporting brain
Note to self: if next summer is anything like this summer..... NOW is the time of year I need to take a vacation north or to the mountains. I'm feeling worn down without much motivation today.

Lucky for me that I'm caught up at work- so I wish I would have planned to take a week off about now. Greg has returned from his 3 week adventure on "Mini Takes the States".... drive across country with other enthusiastic Mini owners. Sunday was record breaking temperatures 104..

This weekend in KC we had lunch with Molly and then went to Union Station to see the Titanic Exhibit- at least it was a cool place to spend the afternoon. There was also an art show there.

We stood in front of a green screen.... not knowing what the result would be, so I decided to "ham it up"....  I paid the $8.00 for this small memento.

Niece Sarah, on the other hand was in a cooler place- Vancouver, competing in another Make-up challenge. "International Make up Artists Trade Show"

She did wonderful and placed 3rd!

I love seeing her creativity at work. 

Here are two links to a Youtube videos which shows the process. I find it all fascinating!

This the winners are announced:


  1. oh my gosh Judy - she's sooooo good! Fun, fun, fun! What was the theme? Kelley

  2. Kelley, I think the theme was "fantasy".