Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation report continued

7-12-12 vacation brain

Other vacation activities once the weather cooled off to 81 to 84 degrees (this felt so wonderful!):

Steve and I visited the Fritz Garden in Rockford Iowa. Everyone needs to make a trip to Rockford to see this! Although Mr. and Mrs. Fritz are getting up in years and gardening is becoming more of a challenge for them, the garden is a peaceful place to come sit in the gazebo and read or visit.

My next trip up, I need to take one of my Peace Art garden ornaments up to the garden.

ALSO in Rockford.... a must see visit.... and take the kids along- is the Fossil and Prairie Park. There is a wonderful visitor's center with educational information. Ann put this on your bucket list!

Remember Iowa was once covered by ocean and thus this area is a view into the past.... it's not your typical Iowa corn field.

Prairie on the top.....

Fossils to find down in the quarry.

I found this wild rose along the hiking trial. Iowa's state flower!

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