Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Report

7-29-12 bed-time brain

Sunday night at 7:00 pm..... I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I think I will head to bed early tonight. Greg and I had a great weekend together in Des Moines and I guess I had a little too much physical activity.

The hot weather broke Friday and Saturday and I had the A/C off with the windows wide open. That was wonderful! Saturday morning with overcast sky, Greg and I went for about a 2 hour walk starting down by Gray's Lake walking to the downtown Farm's Market.

We had a fun Saturday evening eating with friends Ann and Roy, then we met up with the other Ann to listen to a free concert by great local band. Ann was up dancing but my legs were too stiff and sore.

Sunday a did about an hour of pulling weeds and I guess that is what must of really worn me out.... we had a surprise 1/2 inch of rain Saturday night about midnight with some pretty loud thunder.... so pulling the weeds today was a bit easier.... sad to say my neighbor gardener was a no show this weekend, so I might just end up weeding the whole yard myself.

The kitten, of course- was being her cute self!

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