Tuesday, July 10, 2012

vacation report continued

7-10-12 vacation brain

People I hung out with:

Molly, Christopher, Jean Ann, Steve and Vanni, Micheal and Karin, sister Jan, Judy C.....

Things we did:

Game night-

Breakfast out-

Tubing down the kayak run on the Cedar River-

The river was very low this year and so it wasn't scary at all- but still fun.

here Christopher found a fun flower to welcome Catherine at the airport.

Excited to meet Christopher's girlfriend Catherine, who made her first trip to Iowa!
They are cute together.

Taking funny pictures-
Here we put Steve up against the short ones: Bunny was happy that she was taller than Catherine.

Discussed Retirement-
Steve and Vanni have just retired from teaching and administrative positions up in Alaska and will be spending more time back in the Midwest. This of course had me thinking again about my own retirement.

 I'm happy to report on Saturday and Sunday the weather had cooled to 82 degrees so other outdoor activities could take place..... continued.....

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