Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July report

7-9-12 vacation brain

I spent almost a week up in my hometown over the week of 4th of July. I was skeptical that this visit would be fun, since Greg was not with me, and the weather was so darn HOT! Heat Index over 100 for many days without rain here in the Midwest.

However, I was wrong- this time a way turned out to be just want I needed: relaxing, and spending time with people I love. (minus Greg)

Since Greg is off going his cross-country Mini Cooper Rally, Molly decided to fill in and come up to Charles City for a few days..... and since Sarah couldn't come to Iowa this year, Molly filled in with  our traditional FLAG CAKE.... however Molly changed it up a bit and this cake was the BEST CAKE ever!

I'd give you the recipe, but she doesn't use a recipe. I guess she took a cake mix and substituted frozen lemon aid for the oil..... so this was a lemon cake. Then the frosting was some type of Italian cheese and whip cream. She decorated as the usual flag.

We did mange to attend the parade in the morning- sitting in the shade and saved by a breeze. But 4th of July dinner had to be inside this year, due to the heat. We had 14 people this year, so needed an extra card table as well.

That evening we did attend the band concert, since it had cooled down into the 90's.... and the fireworks where again held downtown. These had been held either at the high school or airport for a few years after the accident of the stray firework shell going into the crowd.

It was nice. The trade off was smaller fireworks,but I believe most people like it held downtown so the community can be all together.

Here we also did a few patriotic tattoos.


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  1. Ahhhhh... I want to go to Charles City!!! I can taste Molly's cake!