Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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7-25-12 absent brain

Running On Empty
I took a short drive to Kansas City to see my good friends Natalie and Alexis aka “Drake Sisters” last weekend.  It’s been a year plus since I last went down to see them in Olathe, Kansas. As hot as it was going to be, I motored down Friday evening. Other than running around, we planned a bake-off using blueberries.

Saturday, we were up and out the door at 7 AM for their dentist appointment in North KC and with all the running around we did, landed back in the house at 8 PM. We passed on McDonald’s breakfast for a cute Crepes restaurant near downtown KC. Yummy yummy for sure. We love anything French and the décor was so “Paris”.

Sunday, we staged a “Bake-Off” using blueberries. Alexis was the Judge. I made blueberry pie and Natalie made blueberry cobbler, all from scratch. We were judged on Preparation, Taste and Presentation. This was so much fun and what do you know, I won by 1 point.

We'll have a re-match in August, make something from one of our many Fair Cookbooks we’ve bought over the years.

Well, I had a lot of fun, but very exhausted. However, I have a big event to go to Tuesday evening. I’ll be one of 15,000 people in Webster City celebrating RAGBRAI. Gotta Run!

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

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