Thursday, January 13, 2011

Endless Cleaning

1-13-11 surprised brain

I am still cleaning out drawers and shelves in my office this week. Here is picture of me in 1974, my first year of nursing school in Rochester Minnesota. Maybe I've blogged this before?

I also have one of my first nursing text books. The price in the side cover is $15.75... I know it's out of date, but I kept it all these years since it had some good anatomy pictures. I guess it is time to toss this. Google and the Internet make it easier coming up with educational medical information and pictures.....

However, it is going to be hard letting this one go. Because it's a big heavy book and is good for pressing leaves. I hate to throw out something useful! These leaves are from 1974 also.... that Autumn the maple trees were especially gorgeous.

Yes, at this rate, my cleaning project is going to take years to accomplish.

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