Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sights at Big Cedar

1-20-11 cabin retreat brain
We enjoyed two days in a Big Cedar cabin. No snow there! Temperatures were in low 40's which allowed us to go for several walks.

These were some of the sights:

Greg building a fire each night. We didn't watch TV at all.

Walking on the path which leads to some of the cabins

Our cabin 540, across the Devils Pool area.

Me telling a big fish story, which is part of the putt-putt golf.

Waterfalls looking up on the big Lodge

On our walk we saw an armadillo! (bottom center of picture) The highlight of my trip!

PS: Greg said our first trip to Big Cedar was in 2002. We've been almost every year since, missing only a few years here and there. This was the earliest time we've gone. Usually it's in mid to late February or early March.

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