Friday, January 7, 2011

My resolutions are working

1-7-11 happy brain

This first week in the New Year has been pretty darn good, I must say. I think largely in part because I have been putting into practice my few New Years resolutions.

1. Listen to more music, and less talk radio.
All week I have not turned on the radio once. Maybe I’m less informed now, but I have been much happier this week and more relaxed. Surprisingly my brain does not feel so hyperactive, since I have not been making it multi-task.

2. Spend less time in front of the computer.
As you can tell my blogs this week have been short. I have found over the last month or two I am getting bored with talking about myself… so you must be getting bored reading about me.

I started my blog two years ago; the purpose of it was to help me deal with my “spilt in two” life. Now this split life is just normal for us. I realized my blog has evolved into more of a scrape book of activities which are common to my life.

I’m not going to give up blogging totally, but you might find that I will be cutting back a bit, at least until I get inspired again.

This week I have been doing some “doodling type” artwork, and spending an hour a day in cleaning projects.

3. Start riding the exercise bike again.
I’ve been taking a few 5 minute breaks throughout the day and get my heart rate up. This is easy to do and doesn’t seem like exercise.

I am almost over my cold, just in time to have Greg’s visit to Des Moines this weekend, although yesterday he was complaining that he might be getting another cold. I’m wondering if we are passing our germs back and forth.

Here is a picture especially for Greg, my car guy…… a silly old picture of me and my 1979 Camaro. I had this used car in the early 1980’s and didn’t appreciate that this was such a “man-magnet” at the time. My Dad picked it out for me. I believe this picture was in 1983, the year Greg graduated from High School. I believe he would of been attracted to me even then... be we didn't meet for another 7 years.


  1. Yay for tossing out the talk radio :)

  2. So what is in the bowl with the olive peace sign?

  3. Great idea to get rid of the talk radio. I find myself yelling at the radio sometimes and it does clutter my brain with too many snippets about completely unrelated topics. Taking a break makes sense.

  4. I made chili in the crock pot, was good..... Also I resolved to eat less surgar. I feel better already.

  5. wonderful photo and I doubt it was the car that was the "man magnet". That is some seriously BLONDE hair! Guys love blonde hair. I'm a brunette. I know!!!

  6. OK, I must admit the blonde hair did get me some unwanted attention. But most of my girlfriends were prettier, and I was just their side-kick... the silly, goofy one... but smart and a bit nerdy.