Monday, January 3, 2011

Let the new year start... please

1-3-11 forward-looking brain
It appears we will have to wait until Feb. 2nd or 3rd for a "kinder" year to start with the "year of the rabbit". This year, the Chinese New Year's begins the first part of February.

I guess that makes sense... the "tiger" is still having his way with us. I learned Sunday that Dad went into the hospital. He had the same cold I got, and Mother also had this week. Dad probably has pneumonia. I'm giving credit to Tennessee (bulldog?)germs. So far Greg is well, but then maybe he was immune since he had been sick earlier in December.

I had incorrectly named the Ginger Bread House creators in my last blog.
Here we are holding our creations of graham crackers and frosting. Mine was the Christmas Manger.

Here is a link to the Chinese New Year information. It's about being grateful in the new year.

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