Monday, January 31, 2011

Hunkering down

1-31-11 snow brain
Snow is predicted in Iowa this week, starting today. Tuesday sounds like when we will get the heaviest snow, then some on Wednesday with the wind blowing snow around.

I went to the store on Sunday, so I’m all set to hunker down this week. I put my crock pot on last night with the start of some chili soup. My own recipe of a milder form of chili. Hamburger, vegetable broth, rice and barley, and beans with some curry powder instead of chili powder. I’ll be eating on this all week, so if you are in the neighborhood and are hungry, come on down…. Served with cornbread.

I found I have a new interest in crock pot cooking, since in its own way…. This slow cooking can make a fast meal. I found this cook book and "slow cooking blog", on my friend Lori’s blog and bought one for my Mom and also got one for myself.  SEE HERE

Sounds like Kansas City might actually get more snow than Des Moines this time around. Sorry I won’t be there to help Greg shovel this time. I’ll be handling my own driveway…. But hope to be hiring the neighborhood boys down the street, whose father is currently unemployed, to help me this time. A win-win for both of us!

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