Friday, January 21, 2011

Work week review

1-21-11 working brain
Due to holiday on Monday and vacation day on Tuesday; I'm left with a three day work week! Wow it is Friday already. I sure could get use to a three day work week. I seem to get more accomplished because I'm rested and refreshed. I learned this week that it appears that I may be speaking at a national conference this May. Not sure of the details yet.

I've spent this three day work week in KC. Since I have been cleaning my DM home office, we decided to move one of our two desks down to KC, so I don't have to use Greg's desk in his dressing room. I have my "own" room in KC, (decorated with my Peace Art) and which has the hand-me-down Day Bed for guests, and a chair.... so now added a desk and this has been wonderful place to work this week.

I enjoy the sun coming into the east window, and the north window where I can see the back yard, so this is much better than Greg's small dressing room with only one window. Sometimes I'd work on the dinning room table which was nice, but then I would have to pick up my stuff before dinner.

Snow hit KC on Wednesday. By Thursday I believe we shoveled 8 to 10 inches Wednesday night. I decided to help in order to stay in shape for my DM shoveling duties.... which I might have to do again when I return to Iowa on Sunday.

PS: Since it's Friday, I do allow myself to listen to one NPR radio show, otherwise I'm holding strong on my resolution to stay away from talk radio.


  1. I love the new addition to the room and I need to get my butt down on that sweet daybed of yours.

  2. I've never really thought of NPR as talk radio.

  3. Ann, it's been awhile that you have visited... Molly NPR has talking and they talk about things that stress me out. Music is better for me!