Thursday, January 27, 2011

More cleaning progress

1-27-11 clean brain
A friend recently asked me why, every time we get together- every two or three months.... I'm always still talking about cleaning projects....."was I a hoarder?".... 

No I don't think so, but Yes, it's true.... these projects seem to never get finished!

My seemingly ongoing cleaning project this week was to refocused back down in the guest room. I’m expecting my former boss, Mary Ellen, as an overnight guest for a night in mid March. This provides motivation.

The newly refinished floors look so wonderful!

I made progress, but sad to say.... I still have a few more boxes to go through. They are hiding behind the bed in this photo.  I did condense two boxes and two baskets down to just one basket. My paper recycling bin is now overflowing.

I decide this wall was the best place to hang my newer large artwork for now.

Next.... I need to move my energies into the adjoining art room and art closet!
How do I get myself into this mess?? Maybe I need to answer that questions as I work on my continual cleaning projects!


  1. Goot job thus far Judy. And not that I am a clean freak or even organized, I did ask Judy ... you use the bike in this room? Maybe the bike can go into the guest room when the remaining boxes are removed. Chicken tonight!

  2. For the record .... Judy is not a hoarder. She is a collector of memories n' treasures.

  3. And I am lazy at cleaning up after myself.

  4. Love it Judy - last Saturday I wasn't feeling the best and decided to tackle our guest room closet - what a mess! It took me all day - and into the night. But, ahhhhh what a great feeling! I too found such great memories - some went on the refrigerator. Your room looks and I love the painting - looks perfect there.