Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Who we are

1-19-11 email brain
I am passing on an email a recieved from my friend Karin in Arizona.

On the Jim Lehrer News Hour, one of the contributors, Mark Shields, shared this observation about the tragedy in Tucson:

"There was one observation that was made this week I just have to pass on to you by a friend of mine, Allen Ginsberg, who is an historian up in Maine. And he said, this week, we saw a white, Catholic, Republican federal judge murdered on his way to greet a Democratic woman, member of Congress, who was his friend and was Jewish. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year-old Mexican-American college student and eventually by a Korean-American combat surgeon. And then it was all eulogized and explained by an African-American president. In a tragic event, that's a remarkable statement about our country."

In his eulogy, one of the things the President Obama said was that this tragedy reminds us who we are and how we depend on one another.

My only comment is that people keep forgetting that Obama is only half African-American... he is mixed,  which makes him even more interesting to me.

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