Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend report

1-23-11 weekend brain
It seems like our weekends, this time of year, revolve around eating and sleeping... although I also have been reading a lot since I'm into a good novel called, "Freedom" by  Jonathan Franzen. On Friday night we had dinner with Molly at Avenues Bistro in the Mission Farms area. This use to be the old “Zest” restaurant. Avenues has a very nice atmosphere and a little more pricey than our usual places we eat, BUT the food was wonderful and interesting.

Then Saturday evening, we went out to eat with KC neighbors Kim and Terry, who we are starting to get to know. They are about my age and have no kids. They are fun people and down to earth. We were going to go bowling, but there where no lanes opened until 10:00 PM, so we started out with an early dinner, then decided on a movie. In between dinner and the movie we hung out at a Christian Coffee House (Homers) near the old Rio Theater in Downtown Overland Park where we were seeing the movie. We saw the movie “Kings Speech”. It’s great how a movie can make learning about history so easy and entertaining.

I should report that we ate at a local Chinese Restaurant, “Dragon Inn”. It was a very nice place with good food at a reasonable price. It’s nice learning about local favorites from our neighbors who have been in the area for decades. I was happy with the fortune cookie I received. See below picture.

As it turns out, I looked up the date, which will be 3 months from Saturday, and this day is Good Friday! Which is a very important day for a Christian person such as myself... dealing with "the good news of Jesus dying for our sins".

I was intrigued with my fortune cookie, since I recently discovered a blog written by a guy here in KC who is opening one fortune each day, and then blogging about how he sees the fortune playing out in his life. I think it is an interesting idea for a blog. HERE is the link to My Daily Fortune.

I'll add this blog to my list of favorites on the right side panel, then if I don't blog for a day, you can look over there for something to read.

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