Friday, January 14, 2011

My old friends

1-14-11 memorial brain

This week my thoughts have been with my first, second family. This family was a part of my life from my very first memory to about age 14. They lived across the street from my family and their kids; Bob, Jim, and Cathy, were some of my sister’s and my first playmates…. During that time, I really always thought of them as siblings.

Here we all are:

Next to my cat and my sister, Bobby was my first best friend. He had fun boy toys which I loved playing with like Tinker Toys and Lego's.

Their parents, Millard and Alice, were great friends of my Mom and Dad.
Sadly Mil passed on last week, after poor health for several years.

A smile comes to my face whenever I think about these memories I share with this former neighbor family- they will forever be in my heart.

Here are pictures from Cathy's wedding in the mid 80's. The last time I was with them all together.

Mil and I: