Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekend Report

2-1-11 grateful brain
Friday’s dinner was a success. Nine of us in the neighborhood friends got more acquainted with our new minister and his lovely wife. Sue was a wonderful hostess as usual, the food was delicious- even my mash potatoes turned out just fine…. And we had a good time laughing. We are kind of a silly bunch, as the picture shows, Amy and Steve hamming it up at the table... and Jill and Scott probably wondering what they are in for. Luckily our minister also has a good sense of humor. At least Greg was serious as he delivered a nice prayer prior to eating.

Sue has a comfortable house for entertaining with her new living room furniture.

Saturday, Greg and I did a few errands, then when to matinee movie. We saw the “Social Network”, which is about the guy who created Facebook. I found it to be a fascinating story.

Sunday after church Greg left to KC, and I was able to have lunch with friends Vivian and Clyde. Then an afternoon nap for me lasted way longer than I would have expected. Guess I needed the rest.

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