Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend report

2-7-11 fun brain
Saturday Greg and I met up with Molly at the mall, along with every teenager in the KC area. Our purpose was to walk-exercise; the teenagers' purpose... I still am trying to figure out.

We then went to a movie, the "Company Men".... I like Ben Affleck. Mixed reviews: Molly said she got bored, Greg said he wasn't bored by it,  I thought it had some good points about our economy and business culture, but it did move slow... And we all felt like it lack some emotion.

While we were at the mall, we ran into my college friend Teresa and my god-daughter Chelsea- a nice surprise. So we made plans to met them for lunch on Sunday. Here is Chelsea and I with the designer cupcakes those two are so famous for baking! Greg and I ate them for our Superbowl dessert.... good!

Sunday was above freezing in KC, so Greg and I made a snow cat in the front yard.
We watched the game, and I watch Glee afterwards. Oh yes, I forgot to mention watching SNL Saturday night and was amused to see some old favorites, "The Church Lady" and "Wayne's World"..... made us laugh, and made us miss the good old days of Saturday Night Live 1986 to 1993!

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