Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy, porductive and fun weekend

This weekend Greg was in Des Moines and we started to celebrate his birthday, which is Tuesday. We ate out for breakfast Saturday morning and were joined by Sue and Carolyn. Carolyn and I then worked an hour on church sign project. The church is raising money for a new electronic sign out in front. So our sign was about the FUNdRaiser.

Then Greg and I relaxed a bit part of the afternoon, AND also worked for about hour and half in basement to prepare room for workers which will be doing tiling along the inside the outer walls and putting in sump pump. We should have dry basement after that. This happens in mid March, but this weekend was are only time to work in the basement.

We noted that we have way too much junk in our basement. Almost everything could go, and I would not miss most of it at all! Jean Ann would cry if she could see the status of our basement now. She helped me clean and organize it maybe 5 to 8 years ago? Now it is total pile of crap.

Saturday evening we ate out and Greg had his free dessert at our local neighborhood restaurant, "Chefs". Delicious berry cake! Our favorite.

We then met up with Ann and Roy downtown at Ritual Cafe, a coffee spot which was having local musicians play.

Sunday after church, Vivian and Clyde took us out for lunch and it was nice to spend time with them.

Then we stopped down to the Women's Club Art Show and saw some of my old art friends who I haven't seen in at least a year. My art teacher Mary was there, and said she liked my painting..... But she always finds something positive to say about all her students paintings.... that's why she is such  a good teacher since she is always inspiring and positive.

Greg and I are off to Iowa City together today.... more on that later in the week. Don't expect a blog post tomorrow.

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