Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to the basement

3-3-11 hopeful brain
I went down to throw in some laundry today, and actually started to feel better about the basement in the DM house. With all the stuff/crap moved to one side of each room, I could see some open space, and possibilities for achieving a less cluttered and organized basement.... weel, some day after the sump pump work.

I'm recording "before" pictures here.

The basement is nothing too special since our house was build in 1939, but there is a fireplace down here.... .... at the end of this room.

Below is a picture a few years ago when Jean Ann helped me clean and organize. We worked on the basement starting on a Thursday night, and all day Friday. Saturday our treat was a  spa massage. One day in the future, I now HOPE it can look this good again, or even better.

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