Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Report

3-7-11 busy brain

Friday night, I attended a Mystery Dinner Theater at Westminster which was a fund raiser. The two actors were friends of mine, Carol and her husband Dan; two very talented people. This Mystery was set in the 1920’s; I was given a character Candi, who owned a successful candy store. Luckily this time my character was not the one killed, or not the killer. Here are a few pictures. This was my 2nd Mystery Theater experience, so I was more prepared to get into character, AND my performance even had Carol laughing and breaking out of character. (not easy to do to her)...... we all have fun and raised about $2,000.
Note: Dan and Carol are for hire, and will travel in Iowa to perform.

Saturday morning, I was scheduled to drive to KC, but instead, Greg had to make an emergency trip to DM to help replace our furnace's electronic thermostat. He did this successfully and we were on the road to KC after lunch.

Now in KC by mid afternoon, we decided to go see a movie. We saw one of the Oscar nominated movies which we had passed up before, “Winters Bone”…. This was filmed in Missouri hills, not so far from Branson where we go to our retreat cabin. This movie showed me a side of “hill family life” that I know nothing about.

Sunday, we met up with Molly to go for an exercise walk late morning, then had lunch at our usual breakfast restaurant. Greg and I then decide we needed to see the Oscar winning documentary “Inside Job”, since it was on its last day in town. This movie was about the financial collapse of 2008. This was interesting, and I suppose it didn’t really surprise me, except for the fact it pointed fingers at both parties being tied tightly to Wall Street.

 Funny how people are so up in arms about unions and the public workers being paid too much …. When the BIG scam is on WALL STREET. The blatant corruption, abuse of power, stupidity, injustice, and use of sex-prostitutes, drugs by these elitists who then funnel their money into our elections and our elected officials…… was sickening. We are being scammed big time, and the consequences affected the whole world this time! The really SAD part is, that nothing has changed.

Lastly, the biggest thing that happened to me this weekend was that I began to visualize myself retired and living in KC. This visualization turned out to be a good feeling for the most part.

However today, I did have a productive work day, even with a cat insisting on being by my side the whole day. I've got a busy week ahead of me, so don't be surprised if I don't blog every day this week. sorry...

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