Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two opinions on NPR

3-9-11 news brain
Do I give credit, or blame to Ashton Kutcher for introducing the “punked” mentality into our culture?

Punked (in the past probably referred to as “a sting”) is all about fooling someone to either embarrass them for the sake of getting a laugh, or scamming someone in order to gain some power over them, often political gain.

This happens from both sides, right and left; For example the ACRON scandal, the Koch impersonator punking the Governor of Wisconsin; and now this week, the NPR executive was punked and recorded saying some anti-tea party/GOP statements.

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Of course, the timing of this NPR punk is all about the call from the GOP congress to, once again, try to stop the public funding of NPR. To me this sounds like yet another attempt at the GOP to cripple the educated middle class. I listen to NPR and many of my middle class friends enjoy the wide variety of stories, entertainment, music and news. I don’t feel NPR is liberal, elitist, or one sided…. But I wanted to seek an opinion from my conservative friend Ann, who I know also listens to NPR.
Here is what Ann has to say:

Hello everyone, Judy asked for my opinion regarding the government funding of NPR and yep, I have an opinion that may surprise you.

Judy and I are great friends but our political views are very different. With that said, we accept that of each other and while I have to bite my tongue every now and then, she has not heard me say anything disrespectful or negative about President Obama.

I am a die hard Republican and very proud of it. Two years ago, you would have not heard me say "I listen to NPR". I reluctantly was forced to listen to NPR for background noise at work (can't get RUSH on WHO radio at the office). I needed the news, so I found the local IPR/NPR station. Like watching or listening to any programming, it takes a good 30 days to make an informed opinion. Two years later, I am hooked on IPR/NPR. Yes, you heard me ... hooked. And what is surprising, it is not one-sided if you listen with an open mind.

Here's what I get out of NPR/IPR- local, national and global news that you will not find on any other type of media (and I am a news junkie). I listen from 7 am to 5:30 pm. I am amazed to hear the reporters from all over the globe, on topic and off topic stories, I like hearing a Congressperson being interviewed at 7 am, I like the human interest stories and the quirky stories of the weekend. Are some of the reporters slanted more to the left than I would like them to be, I really have not heard that. Do they have some bad seeds at the national office, I am sure. Should the government stop the funding, no but I would doubt that they are reaching the audience they should be. If they only reach the left of center, they are missing about 50% of the population.

NPR did a disservice with firing Juan Williams, who I disagree with 75% of the time. But he was speaking like an American and for once, the public saw something that most ignored and rallied around him. I'll give them the advanced credit that they realize their brand is in jeopardy, and if they expect to continue with federal funding, they need to figure out that we the American tax payers want to hear: the good, the bad.. and everything in between. It's all about "branding". 
Yes, keep the funding to NPR!


  1. Excellent post Judy. Nice to hear your friend's comments too. I think NPR gets a bad rap all the way around. They were pigeon holed years ago & it stuck. AS your friend Ann said, take the time to listen with an open mind. Anyway, de-funding NPR would do the nation a huge disservice. Their programming is varied & interesting & unlike anything we get on any commercial radio stations except for the very few anomalies of those still left standing. The corporately run station groups have seen to that.

  2. Thank you Judy for posting this. NPR needs to stay, but they have to remember, we the tax payers are expecting not the best but "above the best programing."

    To boot, I even donated to IPR this year, Yep I put my money where my mouth is.

    I still love The Factor, Morning Joe, Anderson Cooper and Shep Smith. Later chica!