Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nothing much new today

3-31-11 good- morning brain
It's the last day of March.... isn't? March has seemed like a very long month to me, which I guess is OK, except that it seems I haven't see the sun much at all this month. All week now, since I've been in KC, it has been cloudy.

I suppose in some ways this dark, cool week has been good for me. It's allowed me to focus on work and also sleep a lot. I think I had a touch of some bug. Not really sick, but not feeling totally well either. My acupuncturist says it is the start of the "spring cleaning" our bodies go through.

So Greg and I haven't been doing anything too exciting this week to write about. We did manage to take a walk early evening last night, which felt good to get the body moving again. He also took me to one of his favorite BBQ restaurants in KC- my first time visit there. Just a small town type of restaurant over on Wornel Street, on the Missouri side..... and I admit that I really did love the food at this place: Smokestack BBQ

After work today, Molly might come over to the house and we will attempt to do some Yoga together. And then of course it is elimination night for American Idol. I did watch the performances last night and liked most of them. I'm not sure who will get kicked off this week.

A shout out to my friend Ann, who is having a stressful week. Her father has been in the hospital and she is doing her best to monitor his care with several visits per day. Being a nurse herself, she is on top of things, so her week has been very hectic  I'm sure. In contrast, I guess I shouldn't complain that my week has been uneventful.

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  1. Thanks Judy, he's fair and I'm hoping for fair plus today. Hospital care, aging parents and I am my father's keeper is a lot for a young soul like me. But that is the circle of life ... what a great title for an article.

    I'll be watching Idol tonight, did not get to see the last 3 singers. I'm hoping Stefano will stay.