Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday already? !

3-18-11 worn-out brain
Busy week, now sitting down to write about it all, but it’s all a blur in my mind now.. Tuesday afternoon, after work at 5:30, I felt moved to join a Rally at the State Capitol.

It was a nice, warm and sunny day, so no excuse not to "stand up for working Americans”. About 100 people were there.

I myself made sign stating the message I was there to represent: “WHEN will Wall Street make a sacrifice?”

If you don’t understand my point, I’ll tell you an example I heard on Fresh Air NPR today. The expert stated, “It is estimated that 90 billion dollars of profits by US companies are moved off shore without paying taxes”.

Next after the rally, Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM, I had been invited to attend the Des Moines Audubon Society meeting. There was a presentation on birds (focusing of hummingbirds) of Costa Rica, given by an Iowa couple, Linda and Robert Scarth, who traveled there and learned about photographing wild life, especially birds. Their photos were amazing! The birds were amazing! I enjoyed this very much and was seated with about 45 people, whose average age was probably 75. I felt like I was practicing for retirement. I really could get into bird watching I believe. This group of people really knew their birds, and probably were NPR listeners.

The person inviting me to the Audubon meeting was my former boss, Mary Ellen (only age 67), an a Republican who is pro-choice. She was in town for a few days and was my house guest. We stayed up way too late talking, but it was worth it to learn from this power-house women. Mary Ellen’s energetic spirit runs along the lines of my friend Ann. I want to introduce them to each other someday.

As you know- Wednesday into Thursday morning, the sump pump work was done in the basement and it all seems to have turned out very well.

Of course all week long the top news was the crisis in Japan and the risk of a nuclear disaster, causing much stress and fear. To counter act this, I enlisted help from Peace sister- Carolyn, to assist me in preparing a few meals for a church friend who has been sick. This idea came to me as I was listening to an NPR show on spiritual quests to Tibet Mountains…. One guest was asking himself “Does your life add or subtract to the evil in the world?”

I decided I needed to subtract some evil this week.

My front yard crocus decided to do the same, I had three bloom Thursday, spreading their beauty and positive energy out into the world.

Lastly, this week I also emailed my Senator to ask him to keep funding for NPR. The best program I listened to this week on NPR was about the "sounds of summer" which had this guy talking about crickets and night insects and the sounds they make. I can't wait to have my windows open as spring arrives, since the sounds of nature are near and dear to my heart.


  1. See, you were too busy to meet-up with me. Yep, you had a busy week. I'm glad you're back to listening to NPR, if not daily, several times a week. I may just do that, write BOTH senators. I should see where they stand on Public Radio/TV.

    Have a great weekend and see you sometime next week.

  2. Does anyone know if I have the right spelling of State Capitol vs. Capital. I thought I knew the difference, but then saw it "al" in the newspaper.... not that they never make mistakes :)

  3. Capitol ...

    I just called both Senators, good grief, they do not have a public statement if they support or don't support. I sent them both a message. See you later.

  4. "High Five".... to my NPR sister Ann!
    It is easy to send a note to your congress/senator via email!