Friday, March 4, 2011

Stepping into spring

3-4-11 unbalanced brain
I’ve been in weird state of mind the last 10 days or so. This probably started when I heard the news that a church friend died unexpectedly at age 62. This event brought many of us church women together and we did a lot of reminiscing about our fun women retreats which connected us all together over 10 years ago. This also had me looking through my picture files and walking down memory lane. So my brain took a visit to the past, and this got me a bit off balance.

Then earlier this week, Greg and I attended a pre-retirement seminar for me in Iowa City. We learned about the University’s retirement benefits and guidelines. Turns out I could retire right now, or if I wait until age 62, there are a few more benefits dealing with health care costs. Greg was working on a spreadsheet and showed us that we would be fine financially if I did retire now. We’d have to sell the DM house, and we could live OK on just his income and not have to touch my retirement savings until much later. This had my brain visiting the future and got me a bit off balance.

Also this week, we met with a lawyer to draw up a Will. Yes, we have been neglectful not to have done this prior. This Will is fairly easy for us, since we have small families, but this could be a bit more complicated due to the fact we live in two states…. But it will be fine…. I also have been writing down plans for my own funeral to include in the Will documents. I decided I will donate my body "to science".

I just found it weird thinking about death…. And retirement….this week… And I started feeling really old and confused about IF this is the time to quit my job and to relocate to KC.

However yesterday, I took time to have lunch with two co-workers, which was fun, and with the sun shinning with warm temperatures, I started feeling good about everything again. The spring is now back in my step.

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