Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changing seasons

3-24-11 unstable brain

It’s March, which means change is in the air..... with unstable conditions affecting my mood. Monday morning I started out feeling crappy...... like I was getting a cold, or having an allergy attack. By Monday night I was better and Ann came over and we watched the new season of Dancing with the Starts. Ann devised score cards for us to use to rate the dancers. Our categories were Attitude, Dance-ability and Showmanship. The biggest surprised came toward the end of the show, when the Ralph- Karate Kid and Kristie Alley both did great. This season could turn out to be more interesting than I expected.

Tuesday night, during a planned birthday dinner for neighbor Sue, held at Carolyn’s house, the tornado sirens went off. Tornado's hit south west of Des Moines. I believe 10 tornados were spotted in Iowa that evening.

Our party moved to the basement. This was very strange to have this type of weather so early in the spring. Now on Friday, the forecast is possible snow in Des Moines. March in Iowa is so unpredictable!

After it was safe to come out of the basement, Steve headed to his keyboard and we serenaded Sue with a hardy song of "happy birthday". Sue recently joined Match dot com after much encouragement from her girlfriends. She has been divorced for over three years now, and is ready to put her self out on the dating scene again after 30 years or so. GOOD LUCK Sue! I thought dating was hard in my 20's, I'd hate to try it now in my 50's.... but if anyone can have fun with this, Sue CAN!

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  1. Oh yes, scoring will be fun this year, and I'll have to print some cards for you to use in KC.
    And while we were riding out the storm at Carolyn's, we put good use to all out elec gadgets: Judy's IPhone w/ radar, Ann's IPhone w/ 1040 (I Heart Radio-- love it) and KCCI 8 (Judy's weather station). Thanks's Carolyn for the pizza and happy happy birthday Suzy Q, your sweet 16th!