Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend shopping

3-15-11 consumer brain
I know I have thought this before, but not sure if I have spoken it out loud before…. So here goes:

I don’t need to buy any more clothes or shoes for the rest of the year!”

Please remind me of this, if and when I have the urge to buy something new.

I was out shopping with Molly on Saturday, and I picked up three new pieces for cheap at a nice consignment shop. With the few other pieces I have added to my wardrobe over the last month, I now have enough outfits to wear to my Conference in May.

I also picked up three new shoes over the weekend at DSW, so good sales with coupons.  (Note: we saw a lot of Patton-leather shoes out this year). …. BUT it’s not the money I spent, but rather the room in my closet for these.

The gluttony in my closet saddens me, when so many others have to go without. But yes, I have been working on purging and donating, and I will continue with that. I will follow my Mom’s rule; "bring three news ones in, then I must take three old ones out". This is good news for my friend Kelley, since she likes getting my shoe hand-me-downs.

So heads up Kelley! …. I’ve set aside four for you: brown sandals, black flat mules, black flat penny loafers (inspired by Michael Jackson), and some black boots.

Friends: Please stop me before I shop again!

On a more positive note; I will redirect my urges, thanks to my co-worker friend Lori, who did mission work in Ghana a few months ago. She has asked me to sew some simple dresses for the young girls she has met over there.

So Molly and I did go fabric shopping and started daydreaming about a simple and easy pattern to sew. I believe I will turn this project into a sewing day for the women at my church. We can get together, and have fun together while helping a good cause. More on this project as it develops. Here is some of the fabrics I bought so far (all on sale)


  1. I love the fabric. I'll keep my eyes open too. Our local W-Mart has fabric and I'll watch for clearance time! Great ideas Judy!

  2. What a great cause Judy!! I would love to be a part of that! Do I have to belong to your church? And don't count on me stopping you from shopping - I love it when you decide to "purge"! You have such wonderful taste - I get "new" shoes without the work of shopping for them! Thanks Judy,