Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gourd update

3-10-11 creative brain

Time in KC this week allowed me to check up on my gourd drying project, the kind of gourds you use to make bird houses. I had raised dozens last summer and set out to dry them over the winter. I put some gourds in the basement, put some in the garage, and put some in the back shed as an experiment.

Results show that the basement was the best place to dry the gourds.

 I've had to wipe them off a few times with paper towel and rubbing alcohol to remove some growing mold. The others did fair so well. Looks like it wasn't good for the gourds to freeze... the mold really took over and I had to throw these away.

I can't wait to do a fun painting project on these gourds, and probably will save for the next girls weekend, since I have about 11 good gourds to play with.


  1. The garage is not a good place to dry them either. I did not think they would freeze, but they did and then got mushy. Sorry, I had to toss mine.