Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday: This and That

4-1-11 foolish brain?
Today is the first day of April, and if the counter on my blog is correct, this is my 700th blog posting! WOW! Today has me wondering if I am a fool for spending so much time over the last 2.25 years on this?
Overall, I think this has been positive for me and I will continue as best I can, as time allows me.

Today I'm also feeling a bit foolish.... with my new addiction. I've fallen in love the the eagles in Decorah, Iowa. Have you heard about them and the web camera that is monitoring them as they nest? There currently are three eggs which are about to hatch. Check this out at:
And you can read about the project and watch.

Clover the cat and I have been sitting watching the eagles together early this morning. When the female eagle moved this morning, I could see one of the eggs looks like it was starting to have a crack being made. The eagle's nest itself is amazing! 5 to 6 feet in size and they said it weighed over a ton? WOW, how can that be?

Also today, being Aprils Fool's day, I'm remembering my Dad's habit of always trying to pull one over on my sister and I. The one I remember the most, which he used for several years was: him watching us up in the morning telling us that it snowed and school was canceled for the day..... just as were getting excited to hear that, he would say "April Fools".

My Dad's birthday is April 2nd, but he often tells people his birthday is April Fools Day. I suppose just like I tell people my birthday is Halloween, instead of in reality it is the day before.

Dad had several good friends who shared his April birthday; Mil and Dan, who lived in our old neighbor and often they would share a cake and have a party together. Now Dad is turning 86 and the only one still alive.

I'm wondering if one of the eagle chicks will be born tomorrow on Dad's birthday! Maybe they can name it John?

Happy Birthday to all the old and new "birds" out there celebrating April Fools!
Dad- I hope you received our card in the mail!

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