Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday "checking in"

4-15-11 traveling brain
I was so excited when I learned, a few months ago, that one of my favorite authors was coming to Des Moines in April; sponsored by the Public Library. The day finally arrived and Wednesday evening, Peace Sister-neighbor Carolyn and I attended. Peace Sister Sue was getting her hair cut and colored, a spring makeover of sorts, so she couldn't come with us. The event was held at Hoyt Sherman, my favorite old auditorium in town, so we arrived in plenty of time to get seats up front.

My favorite author and HERO, is Anne Lamott. I’m sure she would not approve of me calling her my hero, since she is a questionable hero at best…. But that is why I like her some much. Anne is imperfect, a broken-recovering soul, brutally funny, and strives to see God’s grace daily. In person, she talks just like the conversations in her books. Carolyn and I very much enjoyed this even.

I had order her newest book, “Imperfect Birds”, and it has arrived just in time for me to start reading it last night. Oh by the way, I’m in KC now. I took a few hours off work on Thursday to drive down, then still put in 6 hours of work. Then Molly came over after work and we did a nice 30 minute walk from 6:30 to 7:00 PM. The weather was warm and sunny on Thursday, although breezy. Spring is showing its beauty here in full strength. Grass is green, the redbuds are out, the tulips are open and even the lilac’s out back are in bloom and smell so wonderful.

After our walk, Molly took me to a Greek Restaurant, which I really enjoyed. It’s not too far from our KC house, so I will want to make this another favorite spot to eat. Seems we are surrounded with good restaurants here in KC. It started to rain last night about 8:30, just when I got back from eating, no storms, just some nice rain throughout the night..... and we are still currently getting a gentle rain this morning.

This will only be a quick trip in KC this time, since Monday I’ll be back in Iowa for two days of meetings first thing in the week. But Greg does have some fun plans for us on Saturday, which involves the Miata car club. Last evening he attended a Mini Cooper “drive-in” with 18 other Mini friends, but I choose time with Molly, knowing I’d get my “car fill” on Saturday.

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