Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Report

4-11-11 balanced brain

This weekend turn out to be a surprise for much of it. Warm weather was expected, along with rain and storms for Saturday and Sunday…. But as it turned out, we got no rain at all. We did have windy days, but the temperatures ranged in the 70’s on Saturday and 80’s on Sunday. Time to get out my shorts AND sleep with the windows opened!

I was also surprised that this weekend seemed more balanced than usual. A variety of activities, satisfying all aspects of my spirit, in no particular order these were: Time with Greg; dinner with friends; time with girlfriends supporting Ann after her father’s funeral; an evening movie; some eagle cam watching; dinner at a new Beaverdale restaurant; church music concert; lunch with some church friends, Vivian and Clyde plus others from the GLBT group; work in the garden…. in fact, I had only intended to buy some mulch to have on hand, but ended up making two trips to the store and laid down 20 bags. Greg helped blow the leaves out of the fence line. Now both the front and back gardens are prepared for the spring! This seems like the earliest I have been this complete with most of my outdoor chores. This was such a big surprise to me that I found energy to do all that. Now I could start work in the basement (perhaps), …except my schedule gets very busy with work over the next month.

Vivian has a neighbor gal she hired to organize and clear their basement, and she was recommending this to me. I might just consider that!


  1. Dang, you were very busy. I guess you borrowed some of my energy. Nice to see you tonight.

  2. Ann, it was nice evening getting caught back up on everything. Back to the comfort of our DWTS traditions!