Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Guest Blog

Below, Ann asks a question in her guest blog. Knowing Ann for about 6 year now, I'd say the answer is "it's talent" and it's in her genes!  PS: my middle name is "mess-maker"-Judy

Is A Great Deal, an Art, or an Obsession?

My middle name should be “deal finder” as I love finding deals. Be it at the local discount store or department store. It stems from a poor upbringing and my parents making every dollar stretch. Everything we had was either handmade, home cooked and if it was bought, it was at the local discount store. I did not have my first pair of name brand jeans or get my hair cut at a salon until I was in 12th grade.

As an adult, I’ve continued to live frugally. There was a time, it needed to be done, but now it’s become a way of life. My golden rule, never pay full price, be it a dress, pants, shirt, undergarments or shoes. That’s why I love TJ Maxx, a store where you can find great stuff at discount prices and it it’s on sale, Sweet!

Living frugally does not mean one can’t have nice things or splurge. Case in point, my $140 bottomless coffee/tea/soda club card at Bruggers Bagels. Ask me three years ago about spending $140 dollars, I would of said “get real.” But like a deal monger, I did the math:

$2 per cup x 2/day = $4/day = $20/week = $80/month = $160 purchase in 2 mths
$2 per cup x3/day = $6/day = $30/week = $120/month
$2 per cup x 4/day = $8/day = $40/week = $160/month

After the shock of the purchase price, my fuzzy math led me to say what a deal. My day consists of coffee at 7 & 9, ice tea at 12 & 2 and if I want a treat, diet coke at 4 pm. I average 3 refills per day, so my deal is a deal plus.

My other obsession is “end cap or sale shopping”. On a Saturday night, my son and I would go to Target and Walmart to check out the reduced items at the end of the isle or “end cap”. To this day, I am drawn to the end caps or the sale rack.

I’ll write later about other deals via Craigslist and garage sales. It’s that season for garage sales.

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie


  1. For those of you who know Ann, and know her Dad has been in the hospital for about 10 days now- the news is not positive. Yesterday a head scan showed he had a massive stroke on top of everything else. He is on a repirator and some or Ann's family is coming into town.

  2. Thanks Judy, dad passed away at 6:37 am this morning. He died peacefully.

  3. Ann - so sorry for your loss.

  4. I'm so very sorry Ann. Never, never easy when a parent passes. Hope you find peace in happy memories made. Take care. Kelley