Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend highlights

4-25-11 Fun and Eventful brain
I enjoyed my Easter weekend here in Des Moines…. Greg and I seemed to keep busy. Darn, when am I going to learn to relax and let myself be lazy?

Friday night we ate at our usual favorite place, The Flying Mango. Then we walked up to another new sports bar/restaurant up in Beaverdale to meet up with Ann and Roy about 7:30 PM. It turned out to be really crowded and noisy, so we ended up walking over to Ann and Roy’s house- just to sit and visit. Here you can see Greg was giving some tips on fun Apps for Ann and Roy’s new smart phones. Greg and I walked home about 9:30 and it was very foggy, which turned the neighborhood into a mysterious place.

Saturday morning, I helped with setting up the flowers at church; I met Kelley for a cup of tea at the local coffee shop; later Greg and I did take up nap, since I was feeling exhausted- and then we went to a movie “Source Code”. Sunday, I woke up before the alarm, and actually decided to get up and watch the sunrise, since there were no clouds in the sky Easter morning.

My morning was spent at church, first helping in the church office from 7:30 to 9:30. I had some excitement on my shift…. I had to call 911, since a lady was having chest pains. Then Greg and I attended the middle service and sat with Vivian and Clyde.

After lunch, Greg left for KC, I should have relaxed and I even tried to sit out on the balcony to read….

But I was over come with the spirit to create, so I got out my paints and starting making a mess. I was trying some new paint, which I think I don’t like. This seemed too runny, or maybe I just was using too much paint….

My project had paint running over the sides, so my work station was full of paint…. Which I decided to turn into a piece of art itself.

Here is the bird’s eye view.

I did manage to go for a short walk, since the sun shinning bright again later in the afternoon. I even picked my first rhubarb and started to make a rhubarb crisp, but found I was missing an ingredient, so this will have to be baked Monday morning after I run over to the store. I then forced myself to clean up my mess(s)  before bed, and after Face-timing Greg for awhile on our iPhones, I'm off to bed early..... looking forward to sitting in my office chair tomorrow.

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  1. Dang girl, you had a busy three days.I will have to get with Greg re: fun apps.

    My assignment is done and will look for it on Wed. Have a great week.