Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This and That Tuesday

4-26-11 exhausted brain
Sunday night, I was in bed by 9:00 PM and fell asleep fast and stayed in bed until 7:00 AM. However, after eating breakfast on Monday, I still felt worn out, so I headed back to bed again until late morning.

Sometimes I just have to give into the exhaustion, and take time to revive in order to continue forward.... while telling myself.... "I told you so".... I should have rested on Sunday.  By Monday afternoon, I was back working, but still looking forward to getting back in bed after watching with Dancing With the Stars.

We are having a few rainy days here in Iowa, which I suppose doesn't help my energy.

Last week, when I was looking through my boxes of pictures trying to locate pictures of my retiring co-worker..... I ran into a few of my nephew Christopher when he was about age 2 or 3. This put a smile on my face. Back then I was single, and had plenty of time to spend vacation time visiting Christopher.... and we had fun playing together.... from building forts under the couch, to playing outside with any type of ball.... he loved them all. Back then he also showed signs of taking after his father, a Golf-Pro.

Today, Christopher is in graduate school in Alabama, studying history. We are so happy to hear that for his second year, next year- he received a Teaching Assistant position, which will help with the cost of his education. Now it looks like he is taking after me, his "aunt Soopy", since I too, in graduate school, was a Teaching Assistant.... I'm proud of you CJ!

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  1. I did not know you were a TA at Iowa? I bet you have some stories to tell ... young, hot blondie teaching and molding freshmen students ... see you were a cougar even back in the day.

    Christopher, your family is very proud of your TA position. You too can be a male cougar.... just kidding.