Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the garden

4-28-11 dull brain
I’m longing to be out in the garden…a warm sunny garden where the birds are singing..... but instead I'm inside the house looking out.  Iowa has been cool and wet this month, which I suppose is the best thing for April.  However, the corn planting is way behind the average planting year this spring. All the heat has been south of us and really causing some bad storms and tornadoes.

My nephew was in a "epic" tornado yesterday in Alabama- Tuscaloosa, where he attends college. Thank God..... Word from my sister was that he was OK, but one block from his apartment was total destruction. Surviving a tornado is an experience that will stay with a person for a life-time, as I know first hand from when an F5 tornado hit my home town back in 1968.

Last Friday, when Greg and I were walking around the neighborhood, I spotted a throw-away item on the curb….. and a recent garden blog came to mind.

This link shows a creative garden using a metal bed frame and other stuff:

So when I saw a black metal daybed frame curbside, I thought “someone” could get creative with this. I thought of Kelley, since she has a nice big garden out the back of her house. So when Kelley and I had coffee together on Saturday, I remembered to tell her about this and we drove by to see if it was still there.

I talked her into taking part of it…. and I got the other parts. I believe Kelley really needs more than one piece of this bed for her yard, so I’m willing to hold them for her. I think the two side pieces would make a good corner garden piece.

In the mean time, I decided to replace my white fence out back with this black “fence”…. This is the corner where my morning glory flowers need something to climb upon. So I have challenged Kelley to see what interesting thing she can come up with in her garden. AND Kelley, let me know if you want all the pieces... or anyone else?

In other “news” this week, I’m content to report that there has not been any exciting activities for me this week, since I’ve been feeling fatigued, I have just been lying low and trying to get my energy back. For work, I’ve mostly been polishing my presentation for the National Meeting in mid-May. At night ,I’m watching a little TV and going to bed early...... AND WAITING until the sun and my energy return.

My other creativity in my garden on Sunday.

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  1. I like the black accent piece in your garden. It brings focus and 'grounds' the area. I always heard that good decor has 1 black piece in every room (or garden) to ground it :). If you can't see the black dirt, you need to add some black somewhere, right? I love old fence/gates etc. I'm waiting for sunshine too.