Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Early Easter moment

4-5-11 rejoicing brain
I enjoyed time spent in the garden this weekend. It felt great being outside, hearing the birds sing, feeling the sun, and moving my stiff body. I didn’t rush at all doing the initial raking of my front garden, and I broke the work down into two smaller tasks, so it seemed more manageable.

As I observed the daffodils with their yellow tips, showing signs of blooming amid the dried up leaves, I had an early “Easter moment". It seemed appropriate that the new life, reflected in the bright yellow color, was there along side the dark brown dead leaves from last season. Soon the vibrate yellow will begin to take over, and out shine the dark- bleak site, replacing death with new life.

The death of Good Friday- the death of the body is not final... Let us remember Easter and rejoice in the resurrection.... The promise that our lives do continue. My garden is a Real Estate of Hope!

PS: My rhubarb is popping up also! Can you see the green leaves?

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  1. Thank you for thinking of me and my Dad. Yes, I will rejoice him either way today and tomorrow.