Friday, April 8, 2011

Caution: work zone

4-8-11 creative brain
Things are really flowing for me this week at the Des Moines house…. Creatively speaking (mostly). I’ve been engrossed in work for the last two weeks as I prepare two presentations. This is a creative progress and I enjoy it, for the most part. The first presentation will be at our state meeting in a few weeks at the Ames, Mary Greeley Hospital. My coworker Lori and I are doing it together and we are putting together an interesting “out of the box” presentation on Lymphoma.

The second presentation will be at the National Conference in May, held in Florida. For this one, I also have a co-speaker but I’m putting most of the PowerPoint together. This covers results for two Reliability Studies on Colon, and then we give further training, in hopes that we educate Cancer Registrars across the country, on the proper coding of Colon cases.

The creative juices have been flowing with my Peace Art also this week. As Judy "mess-maker", I spread my paints out on the sun room table for the week. Greg’s not here, so I don’t have to pick up until today by the time he comes to town. (Sadly, my art room is still a mess- I've made no progress on cleaning that yet)

 Many days this week I created more than one Peace painting for my “One small daily “Peace” of Art” blog. I was so inspired and loved the process I was experimenting with. I ordered some frames and mats online, so will be easy to get some of theses finally framed. I decided to spend some money and have it all shipped to me, rather than spend my time going out shopping and time cutting mats myself.

Here is all the "Peace" are I created this week, now spread on the guest room bed. Oh dear, I must resist messing up this room, since I have company expected again next week.

For a close up of these; check out my Peace Art blog at :