Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surprise Guest Blog: my Mom

4-12-11 cluttered brain
Over the weekend, I was thinking about all the activities that often get crammed into a week.... no wonder I can't remember what I do from day to day.... it's often all just a blur for me. Then Saturday, I had a letter in my mail box, snail mail, from my Dad. He's good about writing people and sending cards since he doesn't use the computer. This letter contained a surprise guest blog my mother had included, see below.

Scripture: "A man's life consist not in the abundance of the things which he possesses"
-Luke 12:15

On our first trip to the Florida beach, our pockets bulged with wet shells. The beach was covered with beautiful shells and we could not let one go by. Even the broken ones held beautiful bits of color.

After our second year's trip, we had boxes, jars and shelves filled with our collection.

The third year we began to realize we could collect only a few specimens and they would become more precious as a few. Now we would have time to look out to the sea, enjoy the mist on our faces, listen to the rhythmic roar, watch the tides as they recede and return eternally. The ocean teaches us a lesson in simplicity. The material things we accumulate in our lives sometimes keep us so occupied, we miss a visit with a friend, the song of a bird, or the budding of a flower.

Prayer: Lord, help us to keep our lives un-cluttered, so that we have time to enjoy the wonders of your universe.
-Jean Sebern
March 12, 1987

I do remember when Mom wrote this as a Lenten Devotion back in 1987 and I understood her message well then, as I do now- probably more than ever! The need to "un-clutter" my life in all aspects is a noble goal! ....and an ongoing goal, since I still have a jar filled with those shells on my bedroom dresser to this day!


  1. loved this!

    ps..just had to tell you my word verification was "palin" :)

  2. I'm wondering if Mom sent this to remind me that I didn't get my mess-maker habit from her. Mom's always been neat and tidy. Hummmmmm, maybe that leaves my Dad to blame for this trait? :)

  3. Nice article from your Momma. Yes, my life to needs some de-cluttering.