Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend update

4-18-11 historical brain
Greg and I were up early on Saturday to meet with the KC Miata Car Club, for a drive over to Leavenworth, Kansas. In the morning our group went on the base at Fort Leavenworth and participated in a Home Tour they have one day a year…. The public is invited in to see some of the historic homes where officers live. Many of these were built in the early 1900’s. A few we went through dated back to 1880’s. There is also a museum on the base which had a lot of Fort history back from the 1800’s before Kansas was a state.

Then our group had lunch at an old restaurant in town down by the river. We finished up with the group about 2:00PM, and Greg and I decided to explore the town a bit on our own. The sun had come out and it was turning out to be a nice day, except for that strong breeze. Note we did not drive with the top down on the convertible.

Recently Greg and I had read a book about Fred Harvey and his business of creating hospitality and restaurants along the Santa Fe railroad line. This book was part business and part history and also part about the Harvey family. We had read about the Harvey home in Leavenworth, and were hoping to tour this site. Unfortunately, it was closed and being remodel…. But it was interesting to view from the outside.

Sorry my finger got into the picture on this one.

My butt seemed to be dragging this weekend, maybe it was the 2 hour walk around Ft Leavenworth and fighting the windy conditions, but Sunday morning I just rested and headed back to Des Moines to do my last minutes preparations for my State meetings Monday and Tuesday. Hot bath and to bed early…. Hope I'm not coming down with a cold!

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