Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday brief thoughts

4-19-11 pondering brain
I haven’t been very political these days, mostly because I’ve been tuning it out a bit and just watching the Decorah Eagle Cam instead of listening to NPR. The eagles really relax me. Boy they are getting so big, I can’t wait to see what happens when they start to fly.

I did listen to some radio on my drive to and from KC over the weekend trip. There was a lot of the discussion about the budget and deficit. One expert talked about the US budget like loosing weight; there are two sides of the coin….. Eating less (spending less) and Exercise (revenue collected). This made some sense to me…. With the Bush tax cuts in 2000’s this was like going from exercising 1 hour per day, down the 5 minutes a day (less revenue is being collected)…. Then the eating less part is needed also for a successful weight management (like a good fiscal healthy plan for the nation); however there is caution about cutting eating down too much, too fast (spending by government), this tends to slow down the metabolism (economy)…. So really to be successful; both exercise and eating less are needed.

Way don't conservatives like exercise? Especially when it's only the top 1% who need to add some exercise and share the prosperity!

Now about "eating less".... who was the biggest glutton?

This isn't rocket science people.... just weight loss...... OH Yeah.... I forgot, the majority of Americans ARE OVERWEIGHT, guess we just don't understand the concept of exercise and eating less.


  1. Oh Judy, my dear Judy, is it always about Presidnet Bush? Did he enact it by himslef or did congress pass the law that Bush signed. Let's blame it on both parties.

    Re: the Debt by President, not a fair repesentation:
    Dems = 10 years
    Reps = 20 years

    And for the record, there is nothing saying you can't donate more that what you owe to the Feds ... so for those who feel the duty to pay more ... go right ahead. I pay my share and more.

  2. I had to laugh Ann when I read this comment, I was sure it was sent by Teresa... you sound just like her, right Teresa? :)

    Well, I pay my share, and I am happy to do so. But how about those “new” type of "citizen" which have all the rights like you and me- I’m talking about corporations here. Many pay no taxes at all! They have the benefits of American, they share the prosperity, they donate money to politicians and can influence laws….but don’t share in paying for the country.

    Doesn't THAT make your mad???

  3. Back to laws ... blame it on the politicians who wrote the laws that give corp. the loopholes.

    Mad yes, taxes ... we live and die by them. Get to the flat tax and then everyone shares in the misery of paying taxes. Write your congressman, senators ... they have the power ... they do ... they really do.

    p.s. nope, Teresa did not give me crib notes.